26th International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering

16-20 June 2014, Thessaloniki, Greece

Information Systems for the Governance of Compliant Service Systems

Eric Dubois

Tudor Centre, Luxembourg


The traditional role of an Information System (IS) is to support operation and management within an organization. In the presentation, we will discuss the specific role that IS can play to support the management aspects related to the governance of an organization regarding its compliance to norms and regulations. In the new service economy, governance issues are no longer limited to a single organization but should be extended at the level of service value networks, i.e. service systems. In such systems, one of the challenges is for each organization to demonstrate its compliance in a transparent way.

During the keynote, we will illustrate these elements within the context of a specific service system existing in Luxembourg where different services (telco, electronic record management, data storage, etc.) are bundled together. We will discuss how to organize a global governance model around the topic of IT service management. On the basis of some researches on TIPA, a process reference model making possible to objectively measure the quality of delivered IT services, we will illustrate how IS and Enterprise Archietcture can effectively support the deployment of such global governance model.


Prof. Dr. Eric Dubois is director of the "Service Science and Innovation" department (www.ssi.tudor.lu), a R&D and innovation group of about 150 people, part of the Tudor Centre, a Luxembourg Research and Technological Organisation. He is active in the information system community with more than 100 publications. His specific focus is on the requirements engineering topic with contributions in the fields of business/IT alignment, formal languages and security requirements engineering. Recent interests are in Service Science, service innovation management and service systems.


CAiSE2014 keynote presentation