26th International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering

16-20 June 2014, Thessaloniki, Greece

Fundamentals of Business Process Management: An Introduction to Value-Driven Process Thinking

Hajo A. Reijers

Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands

Jan Mendling

Institute for Information Business, WU Vienna, Austria


Practitioners and academics often emphasize the importance of the modeling of business operations when they aim to explain the essence of Business Process Management (BPM). However, the real benefits that this discipline can bring stems from its value-driven view on organizational performance and by its provision of practices and technologies to achieve organizational goals.

Against this background, the goal of this tutorial is to explain:

  1. How a comprehensive view on an organization's core assets, its business processes, can be developed.
  2. How each business processes can be analyzed on this basis.
  3. How potentials for improvement can be identified in a systematic way.

To support these goals, attention will be paid to the development of a process architecture on the one hand and the various steps in the lifecycle for managing business processes on the other. The concept of the process architecture will be explained along with a concrete method to arrive at a specific architecture for any organization. The different phases of the life-cycle will be dealt with in some detail:
from identifying the priorities for process improvement, to modeling existing processes, actually improving these, and monitoring their performance from then on. There is a special emphasis on the use of process-aware technologies to support business


Hajo A. Reijers is a full professor with the department of Mathematics and Computer Science of Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands, and is the head of BPM research at Perceptive Software.

Previously, he worked as a management consultant in the BPM field.

Hajo has taught BPM to students at all academic levels and provides training to practitioners at the TIASNimbas Business School. He is one of the founders of the Business Process Management Forum, a Dutch platform for the exchange of knowledge between industry and academia.

Jan Mendling is a full professor with the Institute for Information Business at the WU Vienna, Austria. Prior to that, he held appointments at the HU Berlin and QUT Brisbane, and was a visiting researcher at Eindhoven University of Technology, IBM India Research Labs Bangalore, City University of Hong Kong and University of Ljubljana. His main research interests are in business process management and process modeling. Jan has taught BPM to students and practitioners at different institutions in Europe and Australia. He is co-founder of the Berliner BPM-Offensive, a practitioners' forum for BPM.