About AIAI 2012

The 2012 organization of the 8th AIAI (Artificial Intelligence Applications and Innovations) Confence is a major technical event in the fields of Soft Computing and Artificial Intelligence. AIAI is supported and sponsored by the IFIP (International Federation for Information Processing).

It is the first time that this well established event will be hosted in the beautiful and exotic Greek peninsula of "Sithonia" in the area of Halkidiki with the crystal blue sea waters and the fantastic beaches. Less than an hour from the International airport of Thessaloniki it is a green paradise of pine tree forests and gorgeous beaches with 5 start luxurious Hotels. There will be three FREE buses waiting for the participants in the airport of Thessaloniki to transfer them to the venue, during the first day.

The conference will be held in the premises of the famous 5 star ATHINA PALLAS VILLAGE Hotel http://www.athena-pallas.gr which are located 9 Km from Marmaras village of Sithonia Peninsula in Halkidiki.

The ever expanding abundance of information and computing power enables researchers and users to tackle highly interesting issues, such as applications providing personalized access and interactivity to multimodal information based on user preferences and semantic concepts or human-machine interface systems utilizing information on the affective state of the user. The general focus of the AIAI conference is to provide insights on how AI can be implemented in real world applications. Also research papers describing advanced prototypes, innovative systems, tools and techniques are encouraged. General survey papers indicating future directions and professional work-in-progress reports are of equal interest. Acceptance will be based on quality, originality and the practical value of the work. We are certain that it will provide a stimulating forum for scientists, engineers and students.