26th International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering

16-20 June 2014, Thessaloniki, Greece

CAiSE '14 panel on "Social Media for Commercial Applications and Opportunities"

Users of social networking and micro-blogging sites share content in the form of short text, photos, videos, tags, ratings, preferences and so on reaching huge scale rates and sizes. The fact that these activities are performed on a daily basis, gives such social media data source an extremely dynamic nature that reflects topics of interests, events and the evolution of community opinion and focus.

The utilization of aggregated collections of such media and the combination of their visual, textual, temporal, location and social context, provides the ingredients for a more thorough understanding of the various events, patterns and situations embedded or emerging in such data.

Such approaches can be applied to various areas including tourism and culture, news, politics, economics, and marketing. In tourism and culture, uploaded media can reveal “off-the-beaten-path” points of interest and events, otherwise difficult to discover through usual Web sources. In news, social media have become a main, if not the first, source for breaking news and updates. In politics, Web data may contain the most up-to-date information that can reflect the popularity of elections candidates and their support among populations. In economics, marketing and brand monitoring, the number of related media uploaded online can reflect the number and locations of products sold in the market.

CAiSE '14 panel on “Social Media for Commercial Applications and Opportunities” includes talks from several related companies describing ideas and products, innovative applications, transfer of research results, case studies and experience reports from real-world problems. A discussion between the audience and the panellists will follow.


Topic (tentative)
Theodoros Michalareas Velti (www.velti.com) Value of personal data
Spiros Nikolopoulos infalia (www.infalia.com) User-Contributed Content for Cultural Events and Smart Cities Applications
Nikos Papanotas venturegeeks (http://venturegeeks.com/) tba
Nikos Sarris ATC (www.atc.gr) News and Verification in Social Media
Odysseas Spyroglou Dotsoft (www.dotsoft.gr) Social Gamification


Yiannis Kompatsiaris (ikom@iti.gr), CERTH-ITI

The organization of the panel is supported by the SocialSensor (http://www.socialsensor.eu), USEMP (http://www.usemp-project.eu) and REVEAL (http://revealproject.eu) FP7 projects.