EANN 2007
10th International Conference on Engineering Applications of Neural Networks

29-31 August 2007

Thessaloniki, Hellas



EANN'2007 will be hosted by the Capsis Hotel Conference Centre which is located in the city of Thessaloniki the capital of Macedonia region in northern Greece. Access to Thessaloniki is very easy, by means of the frequent flights (40 minutes from Athens airport) and also by bus and Intercity trains from Athens. (Trip duration is 4.5 hours by the Intercity train and 5.5 hours by bus). Direct flights from many European capitals are available.

Thessaloniki is the second largest city of Greece and it has a population of 1000000 people. Its landmark is the White Tower, and there are many important sites within easy reach. Apart from being known as a cosmopolitan and commercial center, it is also known for its exceptional nightlife with the famous Ladadika quarter. The music scene in the city is vibrant and diverse and includes nightclubs, dance halls, discos, cafés and music bars, jazz clubs and clubs, and a wealth of live performances, both musical and theatrical. Thessaloniki is also known for its very interesting Byzantine and Archaeological museums. In half an hour distance from Thessaloniki one can visit the Archaeological site of Vergina (the old capital of ancient Makedonia) and where is the venue of Phillip’s tomb (the father of Alexander the great) a site full of remarkable treasures of art and culture. Also in a distance of 70 km from Thessaloniki (45 minutes by car) one can visit mount Olympus (the mountain of the ancient Gods) where “Dion” the holly city of ancient Makedonia is located. It is, after all, the cultural capital of northern Greece!





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