Proceedings of the 1st South-East European Workshop on Formal Methods
# Authors Title Pages
1 F.Belli A Holistic View for Modeling and Testing of User Interactions Using Finite-State Techniques 1-20
2 I.Kotini, G.Hassapis Modelling and Performance Evaluation of Hybrid Systems 21-35
3 G.Eleftherakis, A.J.Cowling An Agile Formal Development Methodology 36-47
4 P.Sfetsos, I.Stamelos Formal experimentation for agile formal methods 48-56
5 C.Thomson, M.Holcombe Applying XP Ideas Formally 57-71
6 D.Dranidis, K.Tigka, P.Kefalas Formal modelling of use cases with X-machines 72-83
7 S.Andova, T.A.C.Willemse Verification of Random Behaviours 84-99
8 R.Meolic, T.Kapus, Z.Brezocnik An Action Computation Tree Logic with Unless Operator 100-114
9 H.Anderson, G.Ciobanu Model Checking and Design Verification 115-128
10 N. Maragos, D.N.Kleftouris, C.Ziogou A Formal And Executable Model For Path Finding 129-139
11 T.Jebelean, L.I.Kovacs, N.Popov Verification of Imperative Programs in Theorema 140-147
12 R.Lazic, T.Newcomb, B.Roscoe Polymorphic System with Arrays: Decidability and Undecidability 148-156
13 O.L.Petrenko, V.A.Omelchenko Rapid Training on Specification Based Testing Tools 157-169
14 E.Berki Formal Metamodelling and Method Engineering in MetaCASE and CAME Environments 170-188
15 J.J.Arulanandham, C.S.Calude, M.J.Dinneen A Fast Natural Algorithm for Searching 189-199

1st South-East European Workshop on Formal Methods
"Agile Formal Methods: Practical, Rigorous Methods for a changing world"
City College (
South-Eastern European Research Center SEERC (
Thessaloniki, Greece, 20 November 2003
Satellite of 1st Balkan Conference in Informatics, 21-23 Nov 2003 (