Organisers, Committees, Preface, Contents

Certificate Policy Tool for Automated Cross-certification
Bourka A. (NTU of Athens), Polemi D. (ExpertNet), Koutsouris D.(NTU of Athens)

A User Friendly Platform for the Automatic Production of HTML Multimedia Title Series
Garofalakis J., Markellou P., Moumtzidis J. (U of Patras)

Security Considerations of the SchedSP Scheduling Application Service Provider
Goulas G., Barkayannis V., Housos E. (U of Patras)

A Novel Universal Language for Configurating Dialogue Systems
Kovasznai G., Kotropoulos C., Pitas I. (Aristotle U of Thessaloniki)

On the Design and Implementation of a Web-based Negotiation System
Makedon F., Ye S., Zhao Y. (Dartmouth College)

e-Government: Applications Levels
Markellou P., Panayiotaki A., Tsakalidis A. (U of Patras)

Greek vs. International e-Commerce Systems: an Evaluation based on User-centered Characteristics
Stefani A., Xenos M. (Hellenic Open U)

Embedding Defeasible Logic into Logic Programming
Antoniou G. (U of Crete)

A Neural Networks Approach to the Estimation of the Retransmission Timer (RTT)
Develekos G., Michail O., Douligeris C. (U of Piraeus)

HybES: a Hybrid Expert System
Filis I., Yialouris C., Sabrakos M., Sideridis A. (Agricultural U of Athens)

MUSA: a Decision Support System for Evaluating and Analysing Customer Satisfaction
Grigoroudis E. (Tech U of Crete), Siskos Y. (U of Piraeus)

Implementing an Agent-based Decision Support System for Task Allocation: a Multi-criteria Approach
Matsatsinis N., Dellias P. (Tech U of Crete)

Using Fuzzy Cognitive Maps for e-Commerce Strategic Planning
Tsadiras A. (U of Macedonia)

An Experimental Comparison of Recommender Systems
Vozalis E., Margaritis K. (U of Macedonia)

ViTAPlan: a Visual Tool for Adaptive Planning
Vrakas D., Vlahavas I. (Aristotle U of Thessaloniki)

Efficient Scheduling of Tiled Iteration Spaces onto a Fixed Size Parallel Architecture
Athanasaki M., Koukis E., Kozyris N.(NTU of Athens)

Blocked Array Layouts for Multilevel Memory Hierarchies
Athanasaki E., Kozyris N. (NTU of Athens)

Top-down Integrated Security Architecture for Heterogeneous IP Networks
Balis G., Bouras E., Diakonikolaou G., Samara G. (OTE), Kaglis D. (NTU of Athens)

Customer Dynamic Service Subscription Architecture for Peer-to-Peer Services
Kagklis D., Giannakopoulos D., Charalampous C., Tsakiris C., Liampotis N. (NTU of Athens), Balis G. (OTE), Sykas E. (NTU of Athens)

A Peer-to-Peer Architecture for Synchronous Collaboration Over Low-bandwidth Networks
Margaritis M., Fidas C., Avouris N, Komis V. (U of Patras)

A Comparative Evaluation of Models and Specification Languages for Embedded System Design
Panagopoulos I., Papakonstantinou G. (NTU of Athens), Alexandirdis N. (George Washington U)

Optimizing the Performance of Mobile Communications Systems using a Queue-per-Transceiver Handover Priority Technique
Panoutsopoulos I., Kotsopoulos S., Ioannou K., Louvros S. (U of Patras)

Design and Implementation of a Secure Mobile IP Architecture
Siozos K, Efraimidis P., Karakos A. (Democritus U of Thrace)

A Simulation Study of Shadowed Disks
Vakali A., Malamatos T. (Aristotle U of Thessaloniki)

TELEcommunication and inforMATICS Technologies Serving the Greek Freeways` Users
Evangelidis K., Papaioannou P., Kaskalis T. (Aristotle U of Thessaloniki)

Occupation Areas, Specialization Sectors and Professions in ICT: an Overall Analysis and Selection Methodology
Kostoglou V. (TEI of Thessaloniki), Paparrizos K. (U of Macedonia)

Searching the Greek WWW
Veglis A. Pomportsis A. (Aristotle U of Thessaloniki)

A Knowledge-based Framework for Building Web Service Domains
Bassiliades N., Vlahavas I. (Aristotle U of Thessaloniki)

GenMiner: a Data Mining Tool for Protein Analysis
Hatzidamianos G., Diplaris S., Athanasiadis I., Mitkas P. (Aristotle U of Thessaloniki)

Cross-lingual Information Management from Web Pages
Karkaletsis V., Spyropoulos C. (NCSR Demokritos)

Mining Maximum-Length Repeating Patterns in Music Databases
Karydis I., Nanopoulos A., Manolopoulos Y. (Aristotle U of Thessaloniki)

Ergasiognomon: - a Model System of Advanced Digital Services Designed and Developed to Support the Job Marketplace
Milis G., Symeonidis A., Mitkas P. (Aristotle U of Thessaloniki)

Generating Query Forms and Reports for Semistructured Data: the QURSED Editor
Papakonstantinou Y., Petropoulos M. (U of California at San Diego), Vassalos V. (New York U)

Utilizing Gene Functional Classification in Microarray Data Analysis: a Hybrid Clustering Approach
Potamias G. (U of Crete)

Management of Continuous Spatial Changes
Rios-Viqueira J. (U of A Corunia), Lorentzos N. (Agricultural U of Athens), Brisaboa N. (U of A Corunia)

Automatically Ranking Scientific Conferences using Digital Libraries
Sidiropoulos A., Manolopoulos Y. (Aristotle U of Thessaloniki)

WIPE (Web Integrated Programming Environment): Design Principles and Architecture
Efopoulos V., Evangelidis G., Dagdilelis V. (U of Macedonia)

Using Metacognition to Enhance Web-based Collaboration: a Case Study in Engineering Education
Hadjileontiadou S. (Aristotle U of Thessaloniki)

Developing the New Web-based Training Environments: Towards an Instructional-based Learning Object Strategy
Karamanis V., Zaharias P., Polymenakou A. (Athens U of Economics & Business)

An Introduction to e-Learning Communities
Liotsos K., Dimitriadis S., Tsoukalas I. (Aristotle U of Thessaloniki)

The Role of Multimedia in Interfaces for On-line Learning: a Two Group Study
Rigas D., Hopwood D., Yu H. (U of Bradford)

Adaptive Hypermedia and Cognitive Styles: Can Performance Be Influenced?
Triantafyllou E., Demetriadis S., Pomportsis A. (Aristotle U of Thessaloniki)

Face 3D Pose Estimation Using a Generic 3D Face Model and Facial Features extraction
Barmpoutis A., Nikolaidis N., Pitas I. (Aristotle U of Thessaloniki)

Recognition of Facial Expressions in Presence of Partial Occlusion
Buciu I., Kotsia I., Pitas I. (Aristotle U of Thessaloniki)

Emotionally-rich Virtual Environments
Karpouzis K., Raouzaiou A., Kollias A. (NTU of Athens)

Building Statistical Appearance Models Using Residual Information
Lanitis A. (Cyprus College)

A Review on Emotional Speech Databases
Ververidis D., Kotropoulos K. (Aristotle U of Thessaloniki)

Watermarking of 3D Mesh Models Robust to Basic Geometric Transformations
Zafeiriou S., Kalyvas A., Tefas A., Nikolaidis N., Pitas I. (Aristotle U of Thessaloniki)

Dynamical Simulation Models for the Development Process of Open Source Software Projects
Antoniades I., Stamelos I., Angelis L., Bleris G. (Aristotle U of Thessaloniki)

Writing Use Cases in XML
Dranidis D., Tigka K. (CITY College)

Using WordNet Lexical Database and Internet to Disambiguate Word Senses
Fragos K., Maistros Y.(NTU of Athens), Skourlas C. (TEI of Athens)

Developing Tools for Formal Methods
Kefalas P., Eleftherakis G., Sotiriadou A. (CITY College)

Exploring the Quality of Free/Open Source Software: a Case Study on an ERP/CRM System
Samoladas I., Bibi S., Stamelos I., Bleris G. (Aristotle U of Thessaloniki)

Multinomial Logistic Regression Applied on Software Productivity Prediction
Sentas P., Angelis L., Stamelos I. (Aristotle U of Thessaloniki)

Enhancing Design Pattern Flexibility with Reflection: Reflective Design Patterns
Theotokis D., Sotiropoulou A., Gyftodimos G. (U of Athens)

Range Trees in the SDDS Model
Bozanis P. (U of Thessaly)

The Pde-tree: an Access Method for Efficient Indexing of Points
Manousaka A. (Aristotle U of Thessaloniki)

Collatz Conjecture: Properties and Algorithms
Tzanis E. (NTU of Athens)

Normalizing S-terms can be Generated by a Context-free Grammar
Zachos S. (NTU of Athens), Ramirez J. (State U of New York), Hilaris P.(NTU of Athens)