Organisers, Committees, Preface, Contents

Association Rules and Predictive Models for e-Banking Services
Aggelis V., Chrisodoulakis D. (Greece)

M-Commerce Services
Antovski L., Gusev M. (FYROM)

Affordable Affective Avatars. Persuasion, Emotions and Language(s)
Barbat B., Cretulescu R. (Romania)

Challenges on Democracy and Security on the Internet
Frasheri N. (Albania)

Embedding Stationary Service Agents in a Mobile Agent Environment
Ibrajter N., Pesovic D., Budimac Z. (Serbia & Montenegro)

"Conference Workflow" - Formalization of a Conference Management Process
Ivanovic M., Putnik Z., Budimac Z. (Serbia & Montenegro)

A Knowledge-Based Environmental Protection System
Oprea M. (Romania)

Implementation of Architecture-oriented Knowledge Framework in MultiCAD Declarative Scene Modeling System
Ravani I., Makris D., Miaoulis G., Constantinides P., Petridis A., Plemenos D. (Greece)

E-Business-Controlling Using the Balanced Scorecard
Ronaghi F. (Austria)

The pi-calculus and Model Checking for Molecular Systems
Ciobanu G., Ciubotariu V. (Romania, Canada)

Algorithm to Find a Tree with Maximal Terminal Nodes
Domsa O., Ceuca E., Rasteiu M. (Romania)

Efficient Approximation Algorithms for Scheduling Unrelated Parallel Machines
Efraimidis P., Spirakis P. (Greece)

Limited Bandwidth in Multiple-Fiber All-Optical Caterpillars: a Minimization Problem
Erlebach T., Pagourtzis A., Potika K., Stefanakos S. (Switzerland, Greece)

Eilenberg P Systems: a Bio-Computational Model
Gheorghe M., Holcombe M., Kefalas P. (UK, Greece)

Testing Communicating Stream X-machines
Ipate F., Balanescu T., Eleftherakis G. (Romania, Greece)

Budgeted Coverage of a Maximum Part of a Polygonal Area
Markou E., Zachos S., Fragoudakis C. (Greece)

All-or-Nothing Transforms using Quasigroups
Marnas S., Angelis L., Bleris G. (Greece)

A Formula for the Number of Spanning Trees in Quasi-threshold Graphs
Nikolopoulos S., Papadopoulos C. (Greece)

A Cost Model for K-Closest-Pair Queries
Corral A., Theodoridis Y., Vassilakopoulos M. (Spain, Greece)

A Query Evaluation System for Multidimensional Semi-Structured Data
Efandis A., Pristouris K., Stavrakas Y. (Greece)

OLAP Presentation Modeling with UML and XML
Maniatis A. (Greece)

An Application of Integrating Role and Lattice Based Access Control in Database Engineering
Mavridis I., Pangalos G., Kortesis S., Kotini I. (Greece)

Compact Binary: an Efficient Non-parameterized Code for Index Compression
Nitsos I., Evangelidis G., Dervos D. (Greece)

Updating Web Views Distributed over Wide Area Networks
Sidiropoulos A., Katsaros D. (Greece)

Processing Continuous Range Queries on Mobile Objects in Location-Based Services
Stojanovic D., Dordevic-Kajan S. (Serbia & Montenegro)

ARCADE - Web-based Authoring and Delivery Platform for Distance Education
Bontchev B., Iliev T. (Bulgaria)

Technical and Managerial Principles of a Distributed Cooperative Development of a Multi-Lingual Educational Course
Bothe K., Schuetzler K., Budimac Z., Zdravkova K., Bojic D., Stojanov S. (Germany, Serbia & Montenegro, FYROM, Bulgaria)

Using ANFIS to Efficiently Model Skills and Beliefs in Computer-mediated collaboration
Hadjileontiadou S., Hadjileontiadis L. (Greece)

DeLC - Distributed eLearning Center
Stojanov S., Ganchev I., Popchev I., O'Droma M., Venkov R. (Bulgaria, Ireland)

Generating Highly Nonlinear Boolean Functions Using a Genetic Algorithm
Dimovski A., Gligoroski D. (FYROM)

Adaptive Representation Evolutionary Algorithm - a New Technique for Single Objective Optimization
Grosan C., Oltean M. (Romania)

Machine Learning Algorithms - a Study on Noise Sensitivity
Kalapanidas E., Avouris N., Gratsiun M., Neagu D. (Greece, Romania, UK)

Recognition of Human Mitochondrial Sequences Using SVM
Madevska-Bogdanova A., Nikolik D., Curfs L. (FYROM, The Netherlands)

Using Neural Networks to Simulate the Logistic Map: a Theoretical Approach
Margaris A., Kofidis N., Roumeliotis M., Adamopoulos M. (Greece)

Blind Separation of Nonstationary Signals using Kalman Filter
Todorovic-Zarkula S., Todorovic B., Moraga C. (Serbia & Montenegro, Germany)

On Quasigroup Pseudo Random Sequence Generator
Dimitrova V., Markovski J. (FYROM)

Optimization of Arithmetic Expressions Using the Dual Polarity Property
Jankovic D., Stankovic R., Moraga C. (Serbia & Montenegro, Germany)

Algebraic Properties of the Zhegualkin Transformation
Manev K. (Bulgaria)

A Problem of Selecting Systolic Algorithm for a Given Mathematical Method
Milovanovic E., Milovanovic I., Randjelovic B., Stojanovic N. (Serbia & Montenegro)

The Design and Implementation of a Dense Parallel Linear System Solver
Oancea B., Zota R. (Romania)

Advanced Service Creation: Bridging the Gap between Requirements Elicitation and Service Design
Adamopoulos D., Papandreou C. (Greece)

Architecture and Design of Multiple Valued Digital and Computer Systems
Bundalo D., Bundalo Z., Iliskovic A., Djordjevic B. (Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia & Montenegro)

Simple Code Generation for Special UDLs
Ciorba F., Andronikos T., KamenopoulosD., Theodoropoulos P., Papakonstantinou G. (Greece)

The CREC Reconfigurable Computer
Cret O., Vancea C., Szente B., Uiorean L., Rusu F. (Romania)

Application Layer Protocol for Video-on-Demand
Fouliras P., Manitsaris A. (Greece)

Performance Analysis of a Distributed System under Time-varying Workload and Processor Failures
Karatza H. (Greece)

Bit-Level Processor Array Architecture for Flexible String Matching
Michailidis P., Margaritis K. (Greece)

Minimizing Startup and Transfer Costs During Dynamic Data Redistribution between Parallel Processor Sets
Souvarlas S., Roumeliotis M. (Greece)

A New Formal IDEF-based Modeling of Business Processes
Badica C., BadicaA., Litoiu V. (Romania)

Defining and Implementing Dynamic Semantics of Object Oriented High Level Petri Nets
Brezovan M. (Romania)

Entropy as a Measure of Object-Oriented Design Quality
Chatzigeorgiou A., Stephanidis G. (Greece)

An Optimal Algorithm for Computer-Aided Design of Key Type Constraints
Mancas C., Crasovschi L. (Romania)

Bayesian Belief Networks as a Software Productivity Estimation Tool
Bibi S., Stamelos I., Aggelis L. (Greece)

Towards a Spellchecker for Albanian Language
Cico B., Cepa V. (Albania)

Tools for XML-based Maintenance of Heterogeneous Software
Isnard E., Mathey J.-C., Bercaru R., Galatescu A., Florian V., Costea L., Conescu D., Perez E. (France, Romania, Spain)

Single-pass Static Semantic Check for Efficient Translation in YAPL
Karaiskos Z., Katsaros P., Lazos C. (Greece)

Word Sense Disambiguation using WORDNET Relations
Fragos K., Maistros Y., Skourlas C. (Greece)

Software Quality Assurance and Maintenance for Outsourced Software Development
Maneva N. (Bulgaria)

TPD: an Educational Programming Language Based on Turkish Syntax
Tutar S., Bozsahin C., Uguztuzun H. (Turkey)

A Greek TTS based on Non uniform Unit Concatenation and the Utilization of Festival Architecture
Zervas P., Potamitis I., Fakotakis N., Kokkinakis G. (Greece)